Company Cultures
As the pioneer of CNC Model Manufacturing Company in Taiwan, we are striving for excellence in the fiercely competitive international market. Profession and quality are the highest ideality of Zhan Chung Mockup Co..
Core Concept
The core concept is the most important thing of the whole enterprise system, the fundamental guiding ideology for the company to pursue the highest ideal, and the core soul of the company′s strategic development. Require employees to understand deeper and surmount the customer requirements, create customers affected, and advocate interaction and coordination, harmony and common prosperity between the company and the customers. We believe that creating unique CNC precision model for customers is to create performance for the company.
In the development process of Zhan Chung Mockup Co., the core values are the cornerstone for the basic relationship between the company and the employees, and also the system of organization which is the employees and the company′s pursuit goal. Integrity is the highest principle of operation of Zhan Chung group, to seek truth from facts and we are not opportunistic, so that can keep our reputation. Perseverance enables us to play our fine traditional style and work in a down-to-earth manner. Innovation is the foundation for survival and development, as well
Open-mind spirit to have the whole world in view
Realistic and pragmatic scientific spirit
Innovative spirit of pioneering
Solidarity spirit of collaboration
Advanced technology, we agree that company has the leading technology is a strong weapon to win in the market. Scientific and standardized management, ensure that the product goes smoothly in all process steps to improve production efficiency. High-quality after-sales service, emphasis on the speed of service, improve work efficiency for customers, is to reduce time cost for customers. Providing customers with intimate services and creating emotions is a permanent condition for creating market for enterprises.